Poetry “The Beginning” by Author, Stephany Borders

Stephany BordersStephany Borders

Curiosity is often what propels people to ask Stephany, “Why do you write?”

When Stephany was recently asked, this was her reply.

“Oddly enough, it is not a question I consider when I write.  As I write, it is an invitation for you to join me as I travel along a certain road, explore a particular thought or reminisce about adventures I’ve had.

If you asked me to pick a favorite author, I couldn’t. I like how an author speaks to me when I read their work. It’s my same desire, that when you read my work, you’ll like the way I speak to you.

I want to reach out to you and at the same time, ask you to join me along life’s journey.  Come along with me and share a laugh, a tear, a moment of encouragement.  And, If I am
fortunate there will be a moment when you read my work that touches your heart, bringing you closer to me.

I wish that everyone finds their own place to be creative, and that when they do, it is accepted.

This is why I write…

"Daybreak" Photographer, Kristine Kenyon

The Beginning
by Stephany Borders

My heart aches with this question
and I have to know
….there is no limit

Watching clouds paint pictures
sketched by my mind,
your hand holds mine

For every beginning there is an end

Starry darkness surrenders to welcome
the vibrant streaks of dawn
whispering farewell as it prepares
the arrival of a day yet to come

The sun will rise
to dance upon the horizon
as wind coaxes laughter from the sea
the rhythm of the waves fill our ears

In preparation for sleep
the sun slinks softly beyond my view

If, …I
do not greet the many who pass my way,
Will a glance be just wordless
or one of meaning?
Would the individuality that is mine
have less meaning,
if acknowledgment is its yearning?

I hope I haven’t squandered
the simplest of joys

To say Hello to all the uniqueness
that accompanies each day
Rewarded by those who
receive my welcome
affirming my faith that they
…..Value the measure of a simple word

Each one begins the same
No consideration given
No predisposed conclusion
a slight bump, a curious glance
a moment when time is stopped
… a timid Hello is heard

Unique in the encouragement
of something new,
inspiring an adventure
Long in heart or short in time
gathering close, two or more
…..with a humble greeting

Is there a bountiful abundance,
Numbered only if not given
Will we receive them in return?

Each Hello I offer
grants me a pause
To change my life with the sway of time
Never knowing how the person who
responds will become entwined

Is caution the cause of action
before we offer
this simple salutation?
is the value in the boldness,
the taking of chance?
Regardless the outcome
the undefined possibility
of meeting someone new

Will they join me?
with a Hello of their own?
shake their head and
glance away

A smile from a stranger
reserved in a special place
A nod of recognition
Or perhaps, renouncement
lost upon the crest of caution

Some will last a lifetime,
a few, for just that moment
And many in between
but they all impact my life

Understanding grants me the courage
as I accept

Hello always is

beginning of Goodbye

 © May 2012

16 thoughts on “Poetry “The Beginning” by Author, Stephany Borders

  1. Kristine,
    This is a beautiful picture! Quite an honor to be here.
    I greatly appreciate your invitation..
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your submission Stephany, your work is a really beautiful descriptive piece and I think the photo of the sun rising over the sea is the perfect compliment to your piece.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and let your thoughts be known Alex. It is good to see you here, its been a while Alex, I hope your world it wonderful too.

    • Mea,
      I am so glad you found your way over and even happier
      that this spoke to you. Big Hugs!!!

    • Shelly,
      It took longer than usual, but my time is so scarce these days. I am proud of the reaction I am receiving. Thank you for coming by

    • Bill,
      you should have seen it before it was trimmed down!!
      Thanks though for reading..you surprised me

  3. Thanks Kristine for sharing this website with me. That picture is breathtaking. What type of camera do you use? Is it odd for one who dislikes reading to want to write? Hmm…. Anyway I’ve always wanted to try and write stuff and I have written some poetry before too. I just need to find my creative bug again thanks again for the share.

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